October 24, 2021

MADE ON THURSDAY Every month, we take a group of 12-14 kids out on a special treat called Made On Thursday.On Thursday, October 14th, we took 12 kids from our After School Program to Kuti Wildlife Reserve where we saw different wild animals such as giraffes, sables, monkeys, etc. Kids enjoyed seeing all these animals […]

October 21, 2021

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY SPECIAL TO ALL MOTHERS One of the elderly mothers smiled after receiving a special gift. 17 years ago, a day after Mothers’ Day, October 16th, a huge part of my life was lost, I lost my mother to a long illness. Since then, my life has not been the same. I have […]

July 11, 2021

When UrbanPromise International Board approved our dream to start LoveDriven Ministries, I was excited for a few minutes.  Less than an hour later, the true me, full of doubts, fears, and insecurities was alive.  I started asking questions from different angles:  Where are we going to raise funds to launch LoveDriven Ministries?  Is this really what […]

May 3, 2021
Thank you, for walking alongside us.

On Saturday, May 1st, 2021, we closed the first term of our After School, Girls Empowerment and Feeding Programs. The past 4 months have been super hard for us as a ministry, but God has seen us through. Thanks so much to each one of you who have supported us in many ways such as […]

March 21, 2021
Every child needs to be heard.

Growing up in the city of Lilongwe; injustices, sufferings, and indoctrination to unethical and unacceptable behaviors were part of my life. As a child, I suffered enough that I do not wish to see any child suffering like that in my watch. The worst part of my childhood was not necessarily physical suffering, but it […]

March 7, 2021
Love-based generosity: Feeding of 98 families

When we were starting this year, we discovered that the number of beneficiaries in our different programs went down drastically.  This made us call for an emergency meeting to find out the reason behind the hit.  It was in the same week when the government of Malawi announced that all schools should be closed down […]

January 28, 2021
There is still hope

As the schools are still closed; we have channeled our time and resources in the After School Program doing home visits. Today, we visited a few more families of our kids. It was great to encourage and share with them the stories of hope since most of them have no idea whether they will go […]

September 19, 2020
Meet Veronica Mbeya

Greetings friend, I believe that by now you might be aware that we have 2 fellows who have joined us at the beginning of this month. Today I would like to introduce to you one of them. Meet Veronica Mbeya. Vero (as we call her) is a graduate of African Bible College class of 2019 […]

August 19, 2020

Two weeks ago, my family and I moved from the States to Malawi.  Though our trip had many dramas, lessons, and fears, there is one thing we are so grateful for; we made it home safely. FAMILY UPDATES: THE FAMILY UPDATES-THE JOY OF MEETING OUR FAMILIES Just as we were eager to see our families, […]

July 6, 2020

Dear friend,Today, July 6th marks 56 years since Malawi, also known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” got its independence from the British colony.  Since 1964, each year, Malawians gather in solidarity, hope, and anticipation for a better tomorrow to celebrate this gift of independence. Over the past 13 months, Malawi has experienced one of the darkest […]

June 7, 2020
Hope amidst uncertainty

By Ishmael Adam Dear friend, At this moment when COVID-19 and other animosities have frustrated the world almost in all fronts; economic, socially, political, and even in our faith; it is hard to find anything positive to channel our energy and thoughts onto.  The good news is, it is also in the moment like this […]

May 2, 2020

BY ISHMAEL R. ADAM, CO-FOUNDER, LOVEDRIVEN MINISTRIES, MALAWI May 02, 2020 A story is told about a young boy from the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi.  This young boy lost both of his parents at a tender age; and became homeless, hopeless, and meaningless boy; wandering in one of the cities of Malawi. Just like […]

April 5, 2019

Recently I have read a book titled “The Power of Unreasonable People” by John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan, the veteran authors in the field of Social Entrepreneurship. The first time I put my eyes on the cover of the book I was so confused because I have never thought of me crediting the power of unreasonableness. One of the things they share about unreasonable people is that"They are Insanely Ambitious". Do you know anyone in your life who is insanely ambitious? I know Dr. Bruce Main, the Founder of Urban Promise Ministries. After graduating from Azusa Pacific University, he decided to move to Camden, one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the United States of America. He has one goal in life; to be part of the solution to the troubled world. Today, the work of Urban Promise has transformed the lives of thousands of children and youth all over the world. Bruce is one of the unreasonable people I have known in my life.

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