I was born and raised in a poor Muslim family in one of the villages in Malawi.  Just like most of the villages in Malawi, my village is not developed and located 15 miles away from a trading center. In my village, people live in glass thatched houses, do not have running water, no electricity, barely have more than 2 meals a day; in general, people live in extreme poverty.  Unfortunately, this was the kind of life that I and my siblings experienced growing up.

In 2007, YouthCare Ministries (YCM), an affiliate of Urban Promise International came to my rescue and adopted me into their orphanage and sent me to school up to college.  YCM gave me a family, a home to belong to and hope that allowed me to thrive in my education. Through YCM, God blessed my life more than I ever dreamed. Through YouthCare Ministries, I have managed to attain a college degree and right now I am working on my master’s degree.  My academic accomplishment is celebrated by the entire community because I am the only and first graduate in my village as of now. The most significant thing that has happened in my life the time I have been part of YouthCare Ministries is a conversion from Islamic faith to Christian faith.  Right now, my wife and I are going back to my village to start a ministry called Love Driven. We believe that God wants to use us to be part of the solution to the lives of children and youth in my village.

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