One of the elderly mothers smiled after receiving a special gift.

17 years ago, a day after Mothers’ Day, October 16th, a huge part of my life was lost, I lost my mother to a long illness. Since then, my life has not been the same. I have learned a lot of lessons right in the street that I would have been taught by a loving mother.
Over the years, I have been blessed by many women who have shown motherly love to me; but the truth is, a day has never passed by, not even a single day I have not wished my mother was alive.

Some of the elderly mothers and their representatives standing for a photo all in brand new Mothers' Day cloth. My mother was loving, caring, and a fighter. She raised 8 of us with little resources, and she never abandoned us until her last breath.
She could not send us to school, but she always trusted in our potential.
As one way of remembering her life, through the Ministry that my family serves, Love Driven Ministries, we organized a Mothers’ Day special celebration in her honor.

To the Best Mom ever indeed.  We shared lunch, assorted groceries, and a beautiful Mothers’ Day cloth to 15 elderly women in my village.
These women are not my biological mothers, but they hold a special place in my heart because just like my mother, they all go the extra mile to take care of their children. They also hold a special place in our ministry because we believe that the success of our kids depends on a stable society which each one of these elderly mothers has contributed over the years.


At the end of the day, we hosted a soccer tournament where I shared with the crowd how special it is to have a mother in their lives. I urged them that as young men and women, we need to respect, love, and take care of our mothers or whosoever plays a motherly role in their lives while they are alive because they are a blessing from God; today they are with us, tomorrow, they might not be there.

Through soccer, the message of love was shared.

Through soccer, we shared our talents and most importantly, the love of Jesus Christ was manifested through actions; all because our mothers once took a bold step to keep us alive to this very day.

I cannot point at the face of my mother today if she were to stand there, but my heart will always hold her so dearly, jealously, and so close to the end of my life because through her love, I have learned to understand a little of Jesus' love to humanity. Please, let’s love them, they are here today, gone tomorrow.
Ishmael, Thoko, Kimberly, and baby Kayden Bruce.
LoveDriven Ministries, Malawi

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