Love-based generosity: Feeding of 98 families

When we were starting this year, we discovered that the number of beneficiaries in our different programs went down drastically.  This made us call for an emergency meeting to find out the reason behind the hit.  It was in the same week when the government of Malawi announced that all schools should be closed down indefinitely due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.
Olive, Temwa, and Ishmael crossing the waters during the home visits.
On January 18, 2021, we embarked on a journey of visiting each one of our kids at their homes. One challenge that needed immediate action was discovered: Families had no food to feed their kids and let alone to keep them in school.
Through the generosity and love of UrbanPromise International, on Saturday, February 20th, 2021, we shared:
- 25 kgs of maize (corn),
-0.5 liters of cooking oil,
-5 packets of soya meat, and 
-500grams of the salt.

With $1,000 98 families were fed and most of them are extended families that are made up of more than 4 children. Can you imagine?  $1,000 feeding more than 300 people? 

Friend, one thing that I have learned from this exercise is that "the impact of love-based generosity is immeasurable.
Sulitha, one of our 7th graders, and her mom walking happily after receiving the food items.
Though we did not share the gospel with each one of them, one thing I am assured of is that "Where generosity takes lead, the door to proclaim the name of Jesus is widened significantly". 
The truth is, the food we shared with them might not be enough for the whole month, but it will remind our beneficiaries and the community of the fact that someone somewhere thinks and prays for them and they are willing to walk alongside them in this difficult moments.

Special thanks should go to Bruce Main and the entire UrbanPromise International leadership team for the timely gift of food items shared with my community.
On behalf of my entire community, I would like to thank all our supporters, donors, and partners for standing with us in this difficult season.
Friends, we are hoping and praying to share food items again this month, would you please join our efforts?

A gift of $20 will help us to provide 25 kgs of maize, some salt, soya meat, and cooking oil to one family.
Please, kindly, follow this link to donate

Stay safe,

Ishmael and Thoko
Please, watch our Girls thanking UrbanPromise for the food.
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Top left:  Ishmael and Maxwell standing with the chiefs
Top right: L. D. M team prep meeting prior to the event.
Bottom: One of the kids and his mother posing after receiving the food items
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