LoveDriven Ministries

LoveDriven Ministries is a nonprofit Christian organization that exists to empower and provide opportunities to the children and youth living in Juma village, one of the most poverty-isolated and Muslim-dominated villages in Salima, Malawi.  LoveDriven Ministries believes that its mission can be achieved by investing in children, inspiring them to be active leaders in the community and preparing them to give back to the community

50% of the kids in the community drop out of school due to poverty, lack of role models, cultural and religious influences as well as insufficiency of high school facilities.  Our ministry focuses on supplementary education, Christian discipleship, youth empowerment (On Job Training), and leadership development.


Our vision is to see children and youth living in isolated and Muslim dominated villages in Salima have opportunities to attain secondary and college education.


Our mission is to empower and provide opportunities to vulnerable children and youth by equipping them with tools for academic, spiritual, social, and leadership development

Core Values

To share the LOVE of Christ to our kids, youth and our communities. To create a conducive LEARNING environment for our kids and youth. To prepare LEADERS with a desire to transform their communities

Our Programs

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