Love Driven Ministries

Adams Family

I was born and raised in a poor Muslim family in one of the villages in Malawi.  Just like most of the villages in Malawi, my village is not developed and located 15 miles away from a trading center. In my village, people live in grass-thatched houses, do not have running water, no electricity, barely have more than 2 meals a day; in general, people live in extreme poverty.  Unfortunately, this was the kind of life that I and my siblings experienced growing up.


Our vision is to see children and youth living in isolated and Muslim dominated villages in Salima have opportunities to attain secondary and college education.


Our mission is to empower and provide opportunities to under-resourced children and youth by equipping them with tools for academic, spiritual, social and leadership development.

Core Values

To share the LOVE of Christ to our kids, youth and our communities. To create a conducive LEARNING environment for our kids and youth. To prepare LEADERS with a desire to transform their communities

Our Programs

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