Meet Veronica Mbeya

Greetings friend,

I believe that by now you might be aware that we have 2 fellows who have joined us at the beginning of this month.

Today I would like to introduce to you one of them. Meet Veronica Mbeya. Vero (as we call her) is a graduate of African Bible College class of 2019 and she graduated with a bachelor of arts in Christian Leadership and Community Development. While in college, Vero served with different campus ministries including Live Love Malawi where she was a student team leader.

In addition, Vero has a story that she is excited to share with girls in the community. As a young female Christian leader who is passionate about empowering girls and community development, I would like to share with you that Vero is serving with us as the Director of Girls Empowerment and Community Engagement. We believe that her love for the Lord and passion to see girls' lives and communities transformed will help her serve in this capacity well and faithfully.

When I asked her vision for the girls in the community; this is what she said: "I want to see the girls being independent, have passion for school and I would like to see many of them going to college and empowering other girls".

Vero's favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 11:1.

Please, say a prayer for her and give a shoutout to her as she is on this journey of service and growth.

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