Every child needs to be heard.

Growing up in the city of Lilongwe; injustices, sufferings, and indoctrination to unethical and unacceptable behaviors were part of my life. As a child, I suffered enough that I do not wish to see any child suffering like that in my watch.

The worst part of my childhood was not necessarily physical suffering, but it was emotional bankruptcy. Growing up I could not define who I was, to whom did I belong, and I could not tell if my life had any meaning at all. In short, I lost my identity; I lost the meaning and purpose of life. And that was the worst part of my life because I believed that I was voiceless, unempowered, and unwanted by society.

But my story changed on one of the most desperate days of my life when a stranger found me contemplating why I even exist? Despite the fact she never knew me, this strange guardian angel indeed did something so strange to me; instead of promising me what I needed at that point (food); she attentively and passionately listened to my story. After I finished narrating my story; she introduced me to YouthCare Ministries, an organization that changed the trajectory of my life for the glory of God.

Friends, there are hundreds of children and youth in my village who are just waiting for you to hear their story and take a small act of kindness and love to uplift them and have their stories change more lives. I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider joining me in the journey of helping kids' stories be heard. Please talk to me, I am going to share with you how you can do that.


You can also bless a child by donating a $25, $30, $75, or $100 here at www.lovedrivenministries.org or www.urbanpromiseinternational.org/lovedriven-ministries

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