Sports is the only language that people in the community understand regardless of their cultural, religious, and political differences differences

Therefore, our ministry uses sporting activities such as soccer (football), netball, and volleyball to share the gospel with the unreached people.

One of our goals is to help needy potential students to finish secondary school and go to college. We will be able to accomplish this goal throughout high school sponsorship program.  Through the partnership with a local high school, 10 potential needy students will benefit from this program. Through this program, we will also be able to hire high school teens to work in our After School Program; to act as role models and mentors to the kids in our programs.

We will partner with Maganga Community Day Secondary School which is about 12 miles away from Kapira primary school. This long-distance barrier has affected students especially girls. Due to such a distance, a lot of girls find no reason to remain in school, as a result, most of them drop out of school as soon as they finish primary school. Also, most of the girls come from Muslim communities. Muslim families in my villages do not emphasize formal education, especially for girls; so, our ministry will help to motivate girls and their parents to let them stay in school and dream big. We desire to break the cycle of early marriages in the community. We are hoping to start our GEP with at least 25 girls.  We will be meeting them twice a week to do different activities such as games, sports, motivational talks, career guidance as well as mentorship, etc.

We will partner with a local primary school which is the only one in the community. The school serves more than 1,990 students from grades 1 to 8 of which less than 2 percent of them get a chance to go to high school and graduate to college.  Our goal is to start with 70 potential needy kids from grades 3 to 5.  The following lessons will be our focus: English, Mathematics, Chichewa Language. In addition, kids will be exposed to the Bible lessons, life skills, culture, and human rights and sports just to mention a few.  Since most of the kids around this community come from poor families, we will provide a lunch/snack every program day to keep them focused on their education.

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