As the schools are still closed; we have channeled our time and resources in the After School Program doing home visits. Today, we visited a few more families of our kids. It was great to encourage and share with them the stories of hope since most of them have no idea whether they will go back to school or not. On top of that, the Girls Empowerment team had a special guest who spoke about Boy-Girl Relationships and their consequences on their education.

One of our ASP beneficiaries (far right) standing with her mom and younger brother

Watipatsa, a Secondary School teacher at Msalura Community Day Secondary School was a blessing to our girls today. Her passion for mentoring young girls is amazing and a blessing to our team. Please, consider supporting our efforts especially our girls; most of them are on the verge of dropping out of school if we don’t show up for them.

Watipastsa, our Special Guest interacting with the girls during the session about Boy-Girl sexual relationships and their consequences.


A gift as much as $15 (K10,000) will help us to keep these girls out of early marriages and see them through Secondary School and college. Follow this link to support our effort:

In Malawi, talk to us on how to support our work locally. If you want to partner with us to sponsor one of our kids for a period of time, follow this link: LoveDriven Ministries: Love|Learn|Lead| @ Love Driven Ministries

Ishmael Adam

Greetings friend,

I believe that by now you might be aware that we have 2 fellows who have joined us at the beginning of this month.

Today I would like to introduce to you one of them. Meet Veronica Mbeya. Vero (as we call her) is a graduate of African Bible College class of 2019 and she graduated with a bachelor of arts in Christian Leadership and Community Development. While in college, Vero served with different campus ministries including Live Love Malawi where she was a student team leader.

In addition, Vero has a story that she is excited to share with girls in the community. As a young female Christian leader who is passionate about empowering girls and community development, I would like to share with you that Vero is serving with us as the Director of Girls Empowerment and Community Engagement. We believe that her love for the Lord and passion to see girls' lives and communities transformed will help her serve in this capacity well and faithfully.

When I asked her vision for the girls in the community; this is what she said: "I want to see the girls being independent, have passion for school and I would like to see many of them going to college and empowering other girls".

Vero's favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 11:1.

Please, say a prayer for her and give a shoutout to her as she is on this journey of service and growth.

LoveDriven Ministries: Love| Learn| Lead| Pic credit:

LoveDriven Ministries media team

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Ishmael Adam, ED

Two weeks ago, my family and I moved from the States to Malawi.  Though our trip had many dramas, lessons, and fears, there is one thing we are so grateful for; we made it home safely.
Just as we were eager to see our families, they were also anticipating seeing us after 2 years of not seeing each other physically.  Though COVID-19 could not let us have a chance to see and meet all our family members and friends freely, we are so appreciative of the opportunity to be home with the people we love so much.  
Meeting these amazing souls was one of my desires; God made it.
Did I share with you that we are ready to serve the community?  I hope I did because if I did not, then this is me sharing with you that WE ARE READY TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY
Last week, my team (board of directors) and I worked tirelessly to apply for the incorporation.  I am super excited that on Friday our paperwork was submitted and being reviewed now and if all goes well, we will have our certificate of incorporation ready by the end of this week.  Please, take a minute to pray for the success of this process.
Though we have been working on paperwork almost every day since we arrived in Malawi, my heart was so excited when Thoko and I held a successful Community Re-assessment meeting with the headteacher of the primary school we will partner with. 

Thoko and I did a 20-minute oral presentation of our vision and desire to partner with the school to introduce After School Program and Girls' Empowerment Program at the school.   The good news is; the headteacher was so excited with our vision and he went further to share with us some of the challenges that children and youth especially girls face at the school of which lack of role modeling is the main one.
Thoko and I visited Kapira primary school where I did my first grade to fourth grade
At the end of the meeting, we agreed to set up a consultation meeting this Wednesday with School Committee, Parents Teacher Association, and Motherhood Group.
Prayer requests:

The president of Malawi has announced that schools will be open the first week of September, please pray that we should be ready by then to start serving the kids in the community.

Pray that we should be able to have volunteers to join our team before we commence or programs.

Pray also that we should find a house to rent to be used as office space as well as a place to accommodate our volunteers.

Pray that people in my community understand our vision, embrace it, and run with it alongside us.

Lastly, pray for the protection and good health of our family as we are serving the kids in our community.

Thank you, so much for your prayers and your financial support to my family and LoveDriven Ministries, we cannot do this by ourselves, we need you this time more than ever. 

Ishmael Adam, Founder
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One of the chiefs who happens to be my nephew giving Thoko and I a tour of the school
Some of the kids who are going to benefit from the After-School Program
Dear friend,
Today, July 6th marks 56 years since Malawi, also known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” got its independence from the British colony.  Since 1964, each year, Malawians gather in solidarity, hope, and anticipation for a better tomorrow to celebrate this gift of independence.

Over the past 13 months, Malawi has experienced one of the darkest seasons in the history of the country politically, socially, and economically.  Our small and poor nation was at pause due to the political unrest.  Almost every day, citizens were on the streets of our already dilapidated cities and semi-towns demonstrating and looting to demand political justice due to the irregularities linked with May 21st, 2019 tripartite elections. 

A few months ago, Malawians got what we needed; political justice after both constitutional and supreme courts nullified the 2019 presidential elections and ordered the country's electoral commission to administer fresh presidential elections within 150 days.  On June 23rd, 2020, Malawians from all walks of life went to the polling centers to cast their votes.  Today, on July 6th, 2020, Malawi 6th president has been inaugurated.
Though Malawi's political maturity is up for discussion, there is one thing that I am sure of: Malawians no longer entertain mediocracy, incompetence, and injustice.  And this assures me of one more thing; Malawi is ready for a change after 56 years of independence.
As a devoted citizen, I understand that I have a role to play for this change to come into reality.  This is the reason why I am ready and excited to go back home and be part of this change in my community through the vision of LoveDriven Ministries

For us to be part of this change we need your help.  Please join me in orchestrating this long-awaited change.  If you have not yet committed to supporting us, please do so by giving one time gift or by committing to support us either monthly or annually.

Thank you so much, for your prayers and support all the times and God bless you.
Please join me to celebrate Malawi’s 56th anniversary.  Long Live Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!



By Ishmael Adam

Dear friend,

At this moment when COVID-19 and other animosities have frustrated the world almost in all fronts; economic, socially, political, and even in our faith; it is hard to find anything positive to channel our energy and thoughts onto.  The good news is, it is also in the moment like this that God continues to create beautiful stories in our lives.  Here is a story of hope to reflect on amidst this time of uncertainty

Ishmael graduates from Eastern University
On May 9th, 2020, I officially graduated from Eastern University with a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.  This was one of the days I had many emotions because I took a few minutes to reflect on the journey of my life.  I recalled how dilapidated the house I was sleeping 14 years ago affected my life when I was homeless and a street kid in the city of Lilongwe.  I also reflected on my life as a kid how I had to endure just to see the next day.    At the same time, it was one of the happiest days of my life because, on this day, I had added another milestone in my academic journey and became the first person in my community to graduate with a master’s degree on top of completing my fellowship training at Urban Promise School of Entrepreneurial Leadership (UPSEL).

"For my life to be where it is today, God has used many people from different parts of the world to invest in it".

Today, I would like to thank every person who has contributed to my life in one way or the other. 
In a special way, I dedicate my accomplishment to Urban Promise International community through YouthCare Ministries for rescuing me from the streets of Lilongwe and for giving me a future.

Please join me to create more of such stories of hope in the lives of many children and youth in my community through LoveDriven Ministries. 
Thank you so much and God bless you.



May 02, 2020

A story is told about a young boy from the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi.  This young boy lost both of his parents at a tender age; and became homeless, hopeless, and meaningless boy; wandering in one of the cities of Malawi.

Just like any other homeless kids in Malawi, he had to develop what I call survival attitude and resilience to get through each day in the worst streets of the city.  Every day, he was forced to be 10 times stronger than the rest of the kids to compete with furious men in the city. 

All the trauma and struggles he swallowed in the streets made him develop unwelcome behaviors that made him unacceptable in society.  No wonder, when he was in high school, he was more than once kicked out of school on disciplinary grounds.  Today, that boy is a man with a beautiful family, about to graduate with a master’s degree, and founded a nonprofit organization that aims at providing educational opportunities to potential needy students in his home village.

Friend, the story I shared above is the story of my life; the story of God’s love.  Believe me when I say that my upbringing made me a difficult person to love.  But over the years, I have seen people loving me wastefully regardless of my history; all for the betterment of my messy life and God’s glory.  The person I am today is because of the generosity and love of different people all over the world who believe that my life matters. 

Kathy Calvin says that “giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”  So, thank you so much for supporting the vision of LoveDriven Ministries; be assured that it will help to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged kids in my village.

God bless you and keep on praying for and supporting us as we are helping to write better stories in the lives of children and youth.

Sports is the only language that people in the community understand regardless of their cultural, religious, and political differences differences

Therefore, our ministry uses sporting activities such as soccer (football), netball, and volleyball to share the gospel with the unreached people.

One of our goals is to help needy potential students to finish secondary school and go to college. We will be able to accomplish this goal throughout high school sponsorship program.  Through the partnership with a local high school, 10 potential needy students will benefit from this program. Through this program, we will also be able to hire high school teens to work in our After School Program; to act as role models and mentors to the kids in our programs.

We will partner with Maganga Community Day Secondary School which is about 12 miles away from Kapira primary school. This long-distance barrier has affected students especially girls. Due to such a distance, a lot of girls find no reason to remain in school, as a result, most of them drop out of school as soon as they finish primary school. Also, most of the girls come from Muslim communities. Muslim families in my villages do not emphasize formal education, especially for girls; so, our ministry will help to motivate girls and their parents to let them stay in school and dream big. We desire to break the cycle of early marriages in the community. We are hoping to start our GEP with at least 25 girls.  We will be meeting them twice a week to do different activities such as games, sports, motivational talks, career guidance as well as mentorship, etc.

We will partner with a local primary school which is the only one in the community. The school serves more than 1,990 students from grades 1 to 8 of which less than 2 percent of them get a chance to go to high school and graduate to college.  Our goal is to start with 70 potential needy kids from grades 3 to 5.  The following lessons will be our focus: English, Mathematics, Chichewa Language. In addition, kids will be exposed to the Bible lessons, life skills, culture, and human rights and sports just to mention a few.  Since most of the kids around this community come from poor families, we will provide a lunch/snack every program day to keep them focused on their education.

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